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Do any of the changes in recent years within the Leatt organization mean that there is a change in my share status?

The Company has become fully reporting to the Securities Exchange Commission (further herein referred to as “SEC”) during the course of 2012. As a result the Company has been filing quarterly and annual reports with the SEC.

In September 2012, the Company effected a 1-to-25 share reverse split of both its issued and outstanding and its authorized capital stock. This means that the holdings of all the holders of the Company’s common and preferred stock were proportionately reduced at a ratio of 1 share for each 25 shares held by them. The reduction in shares did not impact your share ownership in the Company because all shares were proportionally reduced.

The Company’s shares have also become DTC eligible. Therefore, the shares can be traded electronically.

Can the Company buy my shares?

In some rare instances, the Company’s Board of Directors may determine that it would be in the best interest of the Company to establish and implement a share repurchase plan, whereby the Company would repurchase shares up to a certain dollar value, if the per share price falls below a predetermined amount. In such cases, the Company would announce the plan and repurchase its shares on the open market. However, stockholders wishing to avail themselves of such a plan would need to have their shares already deposited in brokerage accounts. The Company does not have any plan to repurchase shares at this time. Stockholders wishing to sell their shares must either sell them in the open market with the help of a brokerage firm, or sell them to a third party in a private transaction.