Mission and Strategy

At Leatt’s core is a passion to save lives!

We are driven to protect the bodies and futures of athletes – professional and amateur.

Our mission is to extend our unique lab-tested and athlete-trusted performance protective gear to more sports and to more athletes globally.

Trauma can affect virtually every part of an athlete’s body. We started with protecting necks; we will remain technology and market leader. Our product line extended to protect more body areas

  • Our goal is to protect:

    • Heads, backs, chests. • Flanks, torsos, elbows. • Knees, limbs, wrists. • Other vulnerable body parts.

We started with protecting helmeted participants in offroad motorsports; and now we protect downhill and BMX bicycle riders.

Our goal is to protect more athletes in a wide range of sports with multiple product lines.

Our plan is to continue to develop innovative, cutting edge products; move into high velocity winter and team sports; and address a broader range of bicycle and other popular helmeted sports.

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