Leatt Reveals New 2019 Moto Gear, Significantly Expands Product Line

RELEASED: 11 Sep 2018

Leatt Reveals New 2019 Moto Gear, Significantly Expands Product Line
Launches New Line of Jackets, Jerseys, Pants, Gloves, Helmets and Junior GPX Collection

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, September 11, 2018 – Leatt Corporation, (OTCQB: LEAT), a leading developer and marketer of protective equipment and ancillary products for many forms of sports, especially extreme high-velocity sports, today unveiled its all-new 2019 off-road gear collection. The company now offers head-to-knee protection and a full range of apparel products for all off-road moto disciplines.

Leatt CEO, Sean Macdonald commented, “This new collection showcases our expanding portfolio of protective gear, engineered with extraordinary precision to provide superior comfort and safety that appeals to a broad base of consumers. From our beginning as a niche provider of safety products, we have evolved into a much larger, global company with a diversity of product and apparel offerings that we believe will contribute to our growth and development as a global consumer brand known for exceptional safety gear.”

The company’s new 2019 Moto Gear Line includes:

  • Jerseys – three styles including GPX 5.5 Ultraweld, GPX 4.5 Lite and 4.5 X Flow;
  • Pants – two styles including GPX 5.5 and 4.5;
  • Enduro gear – GPX Enduro jacket and Over-the-boot 5.5 Enduro pants;
  • Jackets – two styles in addition to the GPX Enduro jacket including the GPX 4.5 X Flow and 4.5 Lite;
  • Helmets – 6.5 Carbon and 5.5 Composite helmets featuring the company’s category-defining 360⁰ Turbine Technology;
  • Gloves – five styles including GPX 4.5 Lite, GPX 3.5 Lite, GPX 2.5 X Flow, GPX 1.5 GripR and GPX 2.5 Windblock;
  • Junior collection – two styles of jerseys, pants and gloves, a 4.5 helmet and a new-look 5.5 helmet.

Macdonald continued, “The 2019 gear line features new styles and cutting-edge colorways, including new and refined pants, jacket, jersey and glove designs, as well as a range of helmets equipped with our 360° Turbine Technology and an extended junior collection. Each of the product lines provides a number of options to meet even the most discerning requirements of performance athletes. With the launch of these new products, we continue to broaden our growth opportunities for 2019 and beyond.”

Macdonald concluded, “We remain committed to building a product pipeline that will expand our catalog by one new product category each season. Our current pipeline includes ground breaking products that cover key market price points and a new product category that we believe will be yet another exceptional safety product. These products are scheduled to commence shipping during the fourth quarter of 2019. Through continuous research and development that focuses on safety and is driven by the demands of the performance athletes that we serve, we are laying a foundation for long-term growth and market expansion.”

Explore Leatt’s new 2019 line here.

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