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Gravity 6.0 Carbon Helmet


This carbon MTB helmet utilizes M-Forge construction to boast standout ventilation, lighter weight and premier comfort.

This ASTM DH certified helmet is the go-to helmet for enduro and bike park riders. Uphill, downhill, upside down, E-bike or trail - you name it, the Gravity 6.0 has you covered. This M-Forge carbon shell is engineered to be less brittle and more flexible than traditional carbon. This prolongs the helmet life and most importantly increases head and brain protection.

The full-face-only design offers outstanding ventilation and boasts a clever, modular mouthpiece that’s removable to increase airflow. 

It is important to use a helmet that reduces both rotation and linear impact energy to your head and brain. All Leatt helmets feature 360 ̊ Turbine Technology. This design utilizes a network of small discs constructed of a non-Newtonian, energy-absorbing material. Because these Turbines can move 360 ̊ (omnidirectional), this technology has two exclusive advantages: namely helps with the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level.

So, next time you crash, see to it that you are protected by the best!

  • Lightweight DH certified helmet 


  • M-Forge Carbon shell with composite chin bar,  in two shell sizes 


  • Maximized ventilation with 22 vents 


  • Removable mouthpiece ventilation cover 


  • DD ring closure system 


  • 360° Turbine Technology

    • Helps reduce peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at impact speeds associated with concussion

    • Helps reduce peak brain rotational acceleration by up to 40%


  • X-Static® moisture wicking, breathable, anti-odor and washable inner liner 


  • Visor-Extension, semi-transparent gunsmoke color, for bad weather conditions.


  • Optimal neck brace compatibility 


  • Visor with breakaway function for rotational reduction in a crash 


  • In-molded EPS + EPO impact foam for superior energy absorption 


  • Weight: Estimated from 840g +/- 50g (1.85 lbs)


  • Certified and tested: AS/NZS 2063:2008, ASTM F1952–15, EN1078, CPSC 1203 


  • Sizing

    • #S (55-56cm – 21 5⁄8 - 22")

    • #M (57-58cm – 22 ½ - 22 ¾")

    • #L (59-60cm – 23 ¼ - 23 5⁄8")

    • #XL (61-62cm – 24 – 24 ½") 

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